What Type of Gambler Are You Today

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Do you know that we now have various kinds of gamblers in the same manner there are also various gambling? While most bettors don’t ordinarily have problems with their gambling, you might be wagering a tad too heavily for your own personel good or might even need psychological help. Our two part series commences with a directory of what we want to call “Okay Gamblers.” If you’re within this category, congratulations!

Recreational Gamblers
Recreational or social gamblers view gambling as a leisurely activity. It’s put in the same category as going to the movies or playing a round of golf. Sure, they may keep a daily or weekly lottery ticket but gambling episodes are never frequent. Rarely can they lose control or money over any form of gambling activity they undertake. Unlike the serious gambler, they cannot miss gambling nor can they think about it. Their behavior won’t cause any negative consequences on their own as well as their family. Even others tend not to see their gambling as excessive and so they themselves make no try and hide it. Thankfully, the majority of us belong on this category

Heavy Gamblers
Heavy or serious gamblers fit in with our classification of Okay Gamblers since they gamble only what you are able to shed. They have allocated money specifically for their gambling needs but this really is proportional on their earnings and remain constant with time. They don’t even borrow from other credit cards to finance their gambling. They still find time for it to devote to their loved ones and also this activity doesn’t cause any difficulties with those around them. However, they’ve made gambling a fundamental portion of their lives and unlike the social gambler, would miss it whenever they are not able to engage in it. Those who belong on this category usually target one type of gambling. For example, they might tend to bet on the races or play poker. They don’t chase losses. Unfortunately, the heavy gambler is much more vulnerable to like a problem gambler if he isn’t careful. Most problem gamblers try to hide under this category.

Professional Gambler
Professional gamblers are placed here insofar for their gambling technique is concerned. They rarely lose control once they bet and it is all totally always methodical and punctiliously planned. They are highly disciplined and rarely will you find a gambler who bets impulsively. They don’t chase loses too. The problem is, they count on gambling his or her primary way of income. There’s also the big chance that they can become problem or pathological gamblers in the foreseeable future.

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