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If you play in single table sit and go poker tournaments you’ll likely be playing in the ten player variant meaning you should finish inside the top three to view some prize money. Here are a few tips and methods for how to handle those nervous times as the opponents fall away so you get closer to the cash.

Following classic sit and go poker tournament strategy you’ll likely have sat tight in then early rounds and only got involved with a pot for those who have reduced starting hand. You can afford to attend to your opponents to knock each other out whilst getting a keep reading them yourself.

However if the action gets down to five or less players (hopefully including you) you then just can’t await those premium hands. You must alter your strategy and approach to be aggressive and play more hands. If you insist on looking forward to premium hands – your chances of hitting one decrease significantly as the variety of players at the table decreases and also you will find your chip stack and likelihood of a money finish disappearing using your chip stack since course you still have to publish blinds.

Become a much more aggressive player and put your opponents about the back foot. Taking advantage of one’s table position is really a key consideration particularly when your remaining opponents making the effort to hold on in that room and looking to sneak in to the top three by others being knocked out. If you sense a weak player hanging inside you can bully them and steal their chips by raising into them for example.

Or in case you are in late table position and there aren’t callers a raisers in front of you, a tasty raise of your could take on the pot for you there and after that. Look for weakness on other occasions and exploit it.
Widen your range of starting hands also. You know that you cannot count on a premium hand finding you so consider entering pots with small pairs, suited connectors and lower ranked starting hands you’d probably automatically fold in the earlier rounds or when seven or maybe more players are nevertheless left in.

Of course you’ll not win constantly or finish within the money however through the initiative and being a more aggressive player inside the later stages of the ten player sit and go poker tournament it is possible to significantly transform your likelihood of finishing within the money or winning.

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