Viewers who watched the historical drama The Duchess was surprised to determine the title character, the 1700s aristocrat the Duchess of Devonshire, playing at what looks like a roulette table. But in fact, roulette has been available since since 1796 in Paris.

The most memorable movie scene involving roulette, however, then one which underlines the glamour and romance of the game, might have been in the classic Casablanca, through which casino owner Rick Blaine arranges to get a young newlywed to win big in the roulette table so that he with his fantastic wife can escape to America.
There are two types of roulette wheel – the American and the European; the main difference being that American wheels have a 00 as the European variety has only one zero.

There are two kinds of bets you can create in roulette – in and out of (according to their location about the betting area). An inside bet is often a bet for the exact pocket number the ball will land in or on the small variety of pockets, while another bet is based on whether the winning number is even or odd, what color the pocket is or on the variety of numbers released. Outside bets have higher chances of winning but lower payouts than inside bets.

Inside bets include straight up (a bet on the single number including 0 or 00); a split (a bet on two adjoining numbers); street (three numbers inside a horizontal line); corner (four numbers inside a square); six line (two adjoining streets) and trio (a bet on 0, 1 and two or 00, 2 and 3).

Outside bets include even, odd, red or black even-money bets; dozens (12 consecutive numbers, i.e. first 12, second 12 or third 12); and column bets (12 consecutive numbers in a very vertical column).

Certain casinos could also offer special bets where players bet on number series. For example, in voisins du zero the gamer bets on the numbers which lie between 22 and 25 on the wheel, which also includes those two numbers; jeu zero, in which the players bet around the numbers nearest to zero; tiers, wherein the bets are put around the numbers opposite to 27 and 33 around the wheel, also including the above numbers; and orphans, such as numbers beyond your tiers and voisins.

Although there won’t be any winning strategies in roulette, considering that the odds really favor your house, there are many tips that will help you a minimum of perhaps the odds. One tip would be to look for a table having a European wheel, it’s one less number, marginally increasing your odds of winning. Another is usually to start out with even money bets, simply because they have better odds. Finally, learn anything you can concerning the game, like the odds in order that you can create better decisions when playing.