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I first started playing poker for entertainment 6 in years past. I began like most people playing micro-stakes and found it fairly easy to win modest sums of greenbacks. I moved up the amount and continued to win. This continued for a couple of years.

I then decided to go full-time Poker-Pro and then the fun began. They say that poker is a superb second income however, not this type of great first income. That didn’t worry me. I knew about probability, bankroll management and emotional control. Or so I thought!
‘The Peter Principle’ (I’ll discuss this in a few days) was my friend but variance wasn’t. I eventually hit what gave the look of a brick wall and located myself not able to win. I knew information on EV and used pokertracker to great effect. However, after several weeks of the something happened.

TILT! Emotion started to creep into my play. Initially I just played a few more cards out of position. But then I started chasing losses by moving up in stakes. Lots of readers knows what I’m talking about. I would begin a session with good intentions however a number of bad beats will make me see red! I started to get rid of control.
This needed to stop. So what did I plan to do? The most important decision of my poker career so far.

I simply stopped a poker session after I felt the first warning signs of tilt. At first I thought it might be counter-productive as I was stopping playing and therefore stopping creating wealth, and afterall it turned out my job to experience poker. But what I wasn’t doing was ‘losing’ money. I soon became expert in spotting the early warning signs of tilt and may even play a bit longer before stopping with the aspiration of turning it around. This ‘stop’ tactic obviously fails in the event you have tournaments or SNG games already going however it works a delicacy with cash games.

If necessary just switch the PC off. Do whatever it takes to halt the session, trust me it works. By the time you’ve started the PC up again the red mist will have started to disappear.

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